Well personally i think this guy is senile since he became president or maybe before that, but of course i never did hear of him before, guess thats a lack of my own mental abilities, but who cares, i am not the president of France.

Jacques Chirac did it again, Iran having a Nuke is not dangerous, maybe a second one isn’t either. While the official policy of France is that they are against it.

Now everyone is much against the first statement Chirac made, that it wouldn’t be dangerous if Iran would have a Nuke, but what bothers me most is that France, a nuclear power themselves which tested loads of those nukes themselves is making such a fuss about it. France always tries to play the innocent, but in fact they are the biggest criminals of Europe if it comes to nuclear powers.

Another nice fact is that today in Paris some people think its necessary to start a conference about the raising temperatures on earth, i would say knock on Chiracs door and blame the idiot for it by playing with nukes instead of blaming the people. One test of a nuke does more damage as the power we use.

So Jacques, are you getting senile or what?