From the Tiscali Ripe Database, are those techies thinking we are morons ? Think it’s the other way around, read this :

nic-hdl: RB1782-RIPE
remarks: ——————————————-
remarks: I’m a Network Administrator at Tiscali these
remarks: IP’s are in use by our customers, so:
remarks: – “I” did *not* hack your computer
remarks: – “I” did *not* sent you SPAM or virus
remarks: – “I” will *not* read your abuse complaints
remarks: If a customer has sent you one of the above
remarks: send an abuse notifications ONLY

If a customer has sent you one of the above?? A what ?

Send a Hack ? send a ‘Read your abuse complaint’ ? Must say they are quite aggressive in these remarks as well, or maybe i only feel the: welcome to Tiscali, now piss off.

A little bit further they seem to be get a bit nicer, and more professional in my opinion.

nic-hdl: JDM1-RIPE
remarks: ———————————————————————-
remarks: Tiscali IP-Registry / RIPE-Database Maintainer
remarks: ———————————————————————-
remarks: We are a Internet Service Provider!!
remarks: These IP-numbers are in use by our customers.
remarks: In case of Spam/Virus/Portscan/Attack/Etc.
remarks: please send a e-mail to (email adres removed)
remarks: containing the IP-numbers involved and timestamps.
remarks: ———————————————————————-

I did remove the email addresses involved, as we don’t want to spam them either, but i guess the first records needs some ‘cleaning’ up.