Since a week or two i am using Windows Live Messenger, wished i never upgraded to this tool incredible amateur tool from Microsoft. I was using MSN for a long time, and almost never did have problems, but since i am using WLM (makes me think about other tooling though), Microshit seems to have more and more problems with their so called service. Tonight i am not able to connect at all, every thing is fine, but i simply can not connect to their service, while Microshit keeps on telling me on their website that all services are up and running. Sure Running they are, but away from me, thats for sure.

Besides the connection problem, we also experienced a lot of other connectivity issues with Windows Live No Messenger, like the occasional (or even repetitive) message that the other side can not receive our messages, sometimes need to repeat myself for 10 times and the other-side gets only 1 message. And no, it is not my Internet connection, which is more as fine (how would i post this without it!) and no we did not have these issues with MSN.

So our rating for Windows Live Messanger : SUCKS