News messages around the world show that Ministers Piet Hein Donner and Sybilla Dekker have resigned, also the mayor of haarlemmermeer where schiphol is located has resigned.

Ministers Piet Hein Donner (Justice) and Sybilla Dekker (Housing, Planning and the Environment) have resigned following the damning report into the Schiphol detention centre fire, RTL has reported.

The Prime minister of the netherlands says he has deep respect for for these people, while i personally think its sickening that he has respect for people who where responsible for the many deads and wounded during the schiphol-fire at the detention area.

One name is missing in this list, and i am quite sure this lady again tries to hide herself, correct, our Rita, Rita Verdonk is still at her position while she send those people back to their countries without remorse, later she promised to some of them they where allowed to stay, but this ‘kontedraaien’ politics does not make me take her serious. I think she should follow the example of the above politicians and resign herself as well.