Man, we do have a heatwave here in the netherlands, it is unbelievable hot here, today the temperature got above 34degrees Celsius (locally, and in the shadow) And because there was almost no wind, it got really hot. We did have a bit of rain during the day, not even a good thunder storm, and after it passed, it got another 2 to 3 degrees warmer. Reaching the max of 34c. At the moment i write this, things are about to change, we do hear thunder for the last hour in the far distance, wind is picking up, and the sky is slowly filling with dark and big clouds, but, i could simply miss us without really cooling down the air. I hope for a bit more fresh Thursday though, as on Tuesday it was over 30c in our office at 10:00am already, and since we are moving out bosses don’t think its necessary to switch on the A/C’s .. … yeah that sucks !