Harsh title again mr. Rainboy, yep, harsh title again, but thats what you get when your mailserver is processing 99% spam and only 1% of valid emails, running a small mailserver here, but since yesterday I did receive over 300.000 spams (hey of course we filtered those out) and only 200 valid emails. And what do the abuse departments do of these users, exactly NOTHING!!! most of the infected machines where located in poland, a few in brazil, but also in the USA. But writing a email to their support departments didnt return ONE email saying they work on it.

But no, the blame is not only with those ISP’s its also the end-users which are even more lazy as the ISP which does not cut their connection. They do not install proper ways to stop these hackers from entering their servers or PC’s. You have a decent lock on your frontdoor why not on your PC ?

Last but not least, certainly not lazy, the spammers, those people are really not knowing what they do, why the hell do you want to make 300.000 USELESS connections to a server which is not accepting your mails anyways, why keep on trying and trying, that is just silly and a waste of your resources as well.