Who didn’t notice the new slogan on the FIFA soccer games ? well i did, but i do not understand that this organisation is able to say anything like this, this whole organisation is build up on greedy capitalists which even let the public (yes the people they earn their money on!!) watch a game in their undies just because they did wear some clothes with advertisements, moving on, on this subject, i wonder why a supporter wearing a Nike shirt or shoes isnt asked to take it off, or maybe a Puma pants, or .. well you get the point, we all are walking commercials one way or they other, they guy full of zips is a walking commercial for clearacil, the woman with the pretty face is certainly directly from the Oil of Olaz advertisement, and yes the guys with the orange pants cheering for the dutch game are fan of the Bavaria beer, but why is it that the last needed to take off this pants and watch the game in their undies ?? correct Fifa made a deal with Budweiser, and Bavaria did not. So now this organisation is going to tell us HOW we can come to a game… anyways, which self respecting European would drink the American Budweiser crap anyways, if its not from Europe, its not beer.