In the News today,

Bill Gates on Thursday announced his intention to leave his full-time role at Microsoft, drawing the curtain on a controversial business career that more than any other shaped the first half century of the information age and turned him into the world’s richest man.

Mr Gates, a Harvard drop-out who founded Microsoft along with Paul Allen more than 30 years ago, said he would switch his full-time attention to philanthropy, continuing the work on global health and education that has come to increasingly absorb his time in recent years.

The Microsoft chairman will step down completely in July 2008. However, he will hand over his responsibility for its software strategy immediately and will reduce his involvement in the company progressively during the two-year transition period.


You may wonder why he does have to hand over his responsibility for his software strategy immediately, that sounds rather, you HAVE too, instead of he wants too.

If i did have the money he got, i would go and buy myself a nice island somewhere in a sunny part of the world. 😀