I Read the following article, (well read some before, but thought it was such a hopeless idea from a french lunatic the EU would not even bother to look into it).

Sign the Petition — Don’t Let EU Ruin the Internet

At this very moment the EU is considering a proposal, filed by right-wing congressman Lamasoure, taxing sms-text and email-communication as the 25-country bloc looks for new ways to fund itself. The idea is among several others being floated in committee as the parliament argues over a new budget. We believe that email, in it’s current, untaxed, form has become such a mainstay in our current way of communication, that it has become an integral part of our society and the way we do business.

So apparently the EU seems to take this idiot serious, which makes me wonder if our EU isn’t ruled by only lunatics, and actually the parliament is a lunatic house.Anyways my view on things is that i already pay taxes for my email (I pay my ISP for internet connectivity, which includes email) and for SMS (I pay my mobile provider even per SMS). With these taxes I pay the salary of these monkeys in the EU parliament, so as the person who is paying their salary, i have only one thing to say: YOU ARE FIRED.

If you think the same, please sign the petition on the following website: http://www.keep-email-free.eu