Hey thats a strong title ?!, yes it is, but then, some cowboys in our government today decided that it is okay to lie about your name (Ayaan Hirsi Ali), and a few other things, to get a dutch-nationality and become part of our politic system, or even become a politician, which makes me wonder which other politicians in our government are also lying about their status.

It’s simple: You lie about your indentity to get a dutch nationality, means you don’t have the right to have had it in the first place. No discussion possible on this. End of Story. No arguments, a LIE is a LIE.

High court just send a young girl back to her country as well, because she did lie during her application as well, but this time it is suddenly different. (Lies apperently come in gradations ?). But the only reason: she is a politicians, and they are allowed supposed to LIE ?

I realy have a problem now, which party should i vote for in the next elections, they apperently all think it’s okay to LIE.