A few days ago i read the following article at a forum i visit (the digital darkroom) for a link look at the right side of the screen. Okay here the article .. which did not surprise me as somehow we see this a lot lately…

Somebody explain this to me…PLEASE
In the office, one of the girls just told a story of how she started to tell her youngest daughter a nursery rhyme. It was Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Her eight year old son said ” your not allowed to sing that Mummy “

“Why” said Mum

” because the teacher said it was Racist ” He said “We now sing ( Wait for it )
Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep “

Is there anyone out there can explain the justification of this. I have a feeling most of you will be as outraged as me as to the absurdity of this, but surely some one can say why just why ? Any teachers out there ? “

It made me think about a lot of b*** sh** we did hear here in the netherlands, for years we have a kind of cake made from chocolat and sweet soft foamy white from the inside, called a ‘neger zoen’ (litterly translated: a kiss from a negro). First of all, i don’t think there is any thing wrong with a kiss from a negro, second of all it was never the intention of the company to be racist about it either. Same with the black sheep, it is simply never been put as a racist plot against blacks. Who ever came up with this nonsense is the person who is really racist, the one who thought such a remark could be explained like racism, made the words/product suddenly a racist remark, and therefor he or she is the only racist around from my point of view.

Just to go further on this, we have a few more things we expect to change soon:
– Songs like ‘I am dreaming of a White Christmas’
– Jode koeken (littely tanslated Jew cookies).
– Jodel vet (litterlt translated Jew Fat).
– Blanke Vla (Is a white colored desert), yes racism doesnt only count for black, yellow, red, blue or green man or woman. (and any other color i might have forgotten).
– Snow white and the seven dwarfs (why is she white, and why are it dwarfs and not giants?).

And i bet the list will go on and on. All of the above amentot ment to be racist, till someone did go and think about it. Why are we all doing this to ourselves? Are we trying to be political correct, then answer me: Where politicians ever correct?