Today the newspaper ‘Trouw’ did publish an article about the Top 105 employers in the Netherlands. For those people who know me… look at the last 10.

Top Employers

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  1. rainboy says:

    Seems our employer is getting more and more attention, today we found this in the telegraaf.

    This is indeed our christmas present, a box of 16x10x1 with some silly mangnets in there, now its different from the past years where we got a crap bottle of wine (there are loads of people who don’t drink alcohol, either because religion or other reasons, and i am one of them, so what should i do with a cheap bottle of wine?) so finally they changed it to something else, but compared to other christmas gifts i did hear about, from a good stocked box with luxery items, a japanese set, a breadbaking machine, an iPod and many others, i have to tell, i got a set of magnets with smileys on it. Maybe next year they better spend it on some improvements in the company, that would be well worth it, and it gives us something we benefit from the whole year trough.

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