If it could not be more clear; it is a big mistake for companies to go to china, sure the market is large; but before you know it you are the bad guy and you are blamed to “politicising commercial issues” which is exactly is what China does itself by making international companies do whatever THEY want ; this spells politics all over; not to mind the last statement on the issue by the goverment body of china:

In those talks, China warned Google that if it chose to shut its China-based search portal, it would have to do so according to Chinese law and also ensure that left-over problems were handled “responsibly,

Law = Politics and Politics make law, especially in a country like china laws are politics. So who is China blaming; they are the ones politicising commercial issues themselves.

Want to know where this rand is all about; check this article.

I’m off to buy more google products, not that i am 100% behind this company in everything, but i admire their strength to say NO to China. A market which does not mean anything without them exporting products and us importing it.