Smartphones are the new way to go, with the Iphone and Androids but also Microsoft mobiles the market gets larger and more and more people own a smartphone. But what exactly is the issue with Europe ? why is a smartphone bought in i.e. the Netherlands not used in Belgium, France or Germany ?

Data Roaming is the problem we have in Europe, it is simply unafordable to use your smartphone in other countries as the one where you bought the product, crossing the boarder will change your smartphone into a zombie, a useless brick of electronics where you can only call with at a price nobody can afford, but even worse, data-roaming will cost you a small fortune.

5 years ago i already asked myself the question why a mobile operator like T-Mobile, which is active in multiple European countries just doesnt open up the network and lets callers from any European country call and use data for the same amount or simply add a small fee for roaming but keep the prices for calling and data-transfer the same.

At this moment mobile operators are just ripping off their customers by being customer unfriendly and holding technology development back by their pricing plans. This is not only bad for their business but also for Europe.

While the European union is making new laws about the voice services, they are awfully quiet about the data services, except they warn for the high prices.

I would say: T-Mobile, Vodaphone and other, unite and help Europe forward in time of an economic crisis and let us communicate within Europe for one price so that business can truly feel what Europe means !

I’m ashamed by the big corporations who try to steal the money from their customers for no good reason.

update: 17-06-2009 It seems i am not the only one in the netherlands who worries about this behavior of the telecom sector in Europe.