The soap around the Korean hostages which where freed this week gets more and more interesting, it seems that Korea does pay terrorist to buy more weapons. Keeping a close eye on the developments but now the Taliban did announce that Korea is indeed paying 20 mil. dollar it seems they give in to terrorism.

Do I like those Korean hostages to be killed then ? no of course not, but they started a very risky journey and knew the dangers (you won’t be popular as a religious group which is despised by the Taliban) now these few Koreans will be responsible for a whole lot more people being killed because one thing is sure, the Taliban will not use these 20 million to buy food for their people, instead they will invest in weapons to kill innocent civilians and other military forces around them.

If this story is true, Korea funds a war against all the countries having a presence in Afghanistan. How is this possible?!?!

There is of course still the possibility that the Taliban lies about the money transfer, will update this article when new information comes around.

Link to the news story