While these are points which are discussed for a longer time, i want to write them down, just so i know, why i vote NO on anything which has to do with Europe.

1) US is allowed to request all out money transactions (yeah sure they say for terrorist investigations only, but guess that suddenly a lot of transactions are terrorist investigations), sorry i live in Europe not the US, why would the US need this for any reason ? As if China would give the US access to their banking system, i don’t think so!

2) US is allowed to blackmail Europe by the European union, again under disguise of terrorists the US is able to to request a lot of information of each passenger taking a flight from Europe to the USA. Worst part is the US threatened the European union they would not accept any flights from Europe anymore, now i for one would like to see that happening. And want to bet that such rule would be changed pretty fast for obvious reasons.

I know i do not live in Europe anymore, i do live in the United States of the World. But that doesn’t mean i like it.