Well, if you followed the news today you might have notices that Getronics is going to cut a thousand jobs.. well.. maybe even more to get their operations back on track once again.

If you ask me if i am surprised that Getronics is the one to announce this news, well yes, it could have been any other IT player on the market, and is this really their fault ?

Well, from my point of view, yes, they are, not the employee’s not the middle management (however they could just try a bit more) , hence not even the higher management (they should try a bit more though), but the stock holders, yes they are part of the company, the part of the company which is making decisions, you can put it all off at the CEO of the companies, but that is certainly not always the fair way to go.

In the current economy and especially in the IT business it seems that long-term investments do not exists anymore. They all want to cash in as soon as possible and earn as much as possible. And all over the working class. Because can you call playing Dagobert Duck working ? I don’t think so. Healthy companies do not exist anymore, and even more, the money which is earned is moved as fast as they can to third world countries, leaving our current western economies going in a downwards spiral faster and faster.

A simple example, you are a company selling a product on the western market, the people who buy your technology are the same people as the people helping you sell the product, your employees are also your customer (hey do i say something strange???? do you hear me out there?) if you move those customers jobs to third world countries, what do you think will happen to their wallets ? do you really think they are still able to buy your topnotch product for the price you put it on the market ? No, they will not, they will have to save every singly penny to buy their food, and before you know it we are the third world country, as they way it goes, it can only go down.

Now some people like to come with stories like we have to do the more educated jobs, what do we call educated jobs ? Management ? what kind of products do they make, and why do you need such an expensive managers if they can do this job as well in India ? or should we be developing new products (which are copied without any shame by countries like China, Japan, India and alike) and how do you think to earn money on this for a long-term (yes i need to eat today, but also tomorrow).

Personally I do not buy any products anymore from companies which outsource their jobs to India or any other country for that matter, as when i would buy the product i iam helping these companies to shift their income and work completely to these countries, and leaving us behind.

Call me crazy, maybe i am … time will tell.