Today big in the news, and somehow i can’t keep myself from writing a small little story about it here.
I am talking about the following:

“This coordinated artillery and aerial attack on a long-established and clearly marked U.N. post at Khiyam occurred despite personal assurances given to me by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that U.N. positions would be spared Israeli fire,” he said in a statement.

“Furthermore, General Alain Pelligrini, the U.N. force commander in south Lebanon, had been in repeated contact with Israeli officers throughout the day on Tuesday, stressing the need to protect that particular U.N. position from attack.”

As the topic describes, War is exact science, so i do not look up strange when someone says the Israeli did attack the U.N. post on purpose, especialy if you know that Israeli officers did contact the U.N. force commander. There is no way in the world that Israel did attack the post by mistake, even while they now all yell that it was a unfortunate mistake, and they are sorry for killing these observers, they did it on purpose.

If you talk to the commander, if you know where the post is located (cordinates) and the post is CLEARLY marked, why would anyone believe your bullshit anymore, no israel, your actions the past weeks are beyond any understanding and not in perspective to what happend. Of course you do not need to let the palenstine and hezbollah to run over you, but your actions are clearly not those of a country which is defening themselfs, this is WAR. And the international community should NOT accept this and strike back on Israel.

Of course the israeli think they get out of this by making anouncements like:

Ayalon called Annan’s statement “outrageous,” while Israel’s U.N. ambassador, Dan Gillerman, said he, too, was “deeply distressed” that Annan alleged that the strike was deliberate.

What else can we conclude from your stories, that if you did not deliberatly did strike the U.N. Post, you do not have control over your officers at the border ?????? go piss off!