Did read about a new program to stop spam on your POP3 accounts, well, not really stop it, but mark it for you so you can do anything you want with it, i.e. move it to a spam folder with a rule, to just remove the darn messages, it even got the posibility to tell in which languages you want to receive messages, so that all others will be suspecious. Sad it doesnt work with IMAP, only POP3.

SA Proxy (Spam Assassin Proxy) is based on the Open Source software Spam Assassin. It runs as a local proxy server that sits between your email program and your POP3 mail account.

All you need to do is start SAProxy and configure your email program to connect to it instead of the normal incoming mail server (documentation shows how to do it). The next time you check your email, all spam messages will be tagged with ****SPAM**** in the subject line, allowing you to easily recognize them, or to create a rule in your email program that will move those tagged messages into a separate folder.

Spam Assassin uses Bayesian filtering which is highly accurate and can learn from new spam as it is detected. The program does not delete any spam, but only marks it, leaving it up to you what to do with it.

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