No you have to know i am not a soccer fanatic, but every euro-cup or world-cup i am sitting in-front of my tv-set hoping my country would break trough and win the world-cup, this year no different, till our team did meet the portuguese team, i never saw a game with more yellow cards as this one (in fact it was a record). Needless to say we lost, and portugal was allowed to go trough. From my point of view it was not fair, because portugal simply didn’t deserve it. They play like pathetic little children, especially the crybaby Ronaldo, together with grandfather Figo. As things look now, i don’t want france to win the world cup either, so my hopes are for Italy, as they showed a great game against Germany yesterday. But i would send my personal thanks to France today ! Thank you for teaching those babies from Portugal where they stand, and put them 6 feet under.. => Exit and Game Over.