This week a new company popped up in my search for cheap calling, from our house we often call outside the netherlands, to countries like Ireland, France, Germany, Malaysia and more. Sometimes we would like to be able to call cheap from another destination as our home, and be able to call with our mobile phones. We found some cheap sollutions from the netherlands, but there is a new company, which makes it possible for us to dail a local number with our mobiles and call abroad. Sadly Malaysia is not yet included in their list of companies, but for the other 3 it is an option.

If you are still reading you must be curious, the company is called Rebtel, the principle is easy, you call a local number it will then connect you to your friend, they will receive a sms with a local number, they hang up, while you wait, they dail the local number they received per text-message (sms), and will be connected to your phone.

Oh well, try it out, you can find their website here: