Went to mediamarkt today, well, for the last time that is. We where planning on buying some stuff, at the exit when wanting to pay, I offered my credit card, imidiatly the lady says, oh sorry sir we do not accept this brand. Okay no problem, take out one other credit card of another company, will this do ?? Yes says the lady we accept those, but do you have your passport or drivers license ? uh no, I don’t have those with me, I do not need a passport and I do not have a driver license, but I do have my official identity document with me, and I showed my permanent resident pass to the lady. Sorry we do not accept these …. Buttttttt this is an official document !! Sorry we only accept credit cards when either showing the passport or driver license.

Well paid with our banking card, and left the shop, it was that I was not alone, and needed to buy it, but otherwise I would have gone to another shop which does want my money. Next step, write a letter to VISA, American Express and Master card letting them know they did loose money today as well.