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HARD-DISK woman/Man: She/He remembers everything,FOREVER

RAM woman: She forgets about you the moment you turn her off.

WINDOWS woman/Man: Everyone knows that she/He can’t do a thing right,but no one can live without her.

EXCEL woman/Man: They say she/He can do a lot of things but you mostly use her/him for your basic needs.

SCREENSAVER woman/Man: She/He is good for nothing but at least she/he is fun!

INTERNET woman/man: Difficult to access. // Everybody will access!!

SERVER woman/man: Always busy when you need her/him.

MULTIMEDIA woman: She makes horrible things look beautiful.

CD-ROM woman: She is always faster and faster.

E-MAIL woman/man: Every ten things she/he says,eight are nonsense.

VIRUS woman: Also known as “wife”;when you are not expecting her,she comes,installs herself and uses all your resources. If you try to uninstall her you will lose something,if you don’t try to uninstall her you will lose everything

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So Michael Jackson did pass away ( or did he step in elvis footsteps and lives now with aliens ? not my words, it where his ).

Never been a big fan, sure liked the songs, but Michael was just an instrument, a part of a creative process to make very nice music (sorry folks he couldn’t have done it alone).

One song however stays always on my mind; sure it is maybe not as famous as some of his later works it did touch me more as any other.

Click to Enjoy!

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Still thinking about the awfull accident of the airfrance plane, i was lying on the couch and thought, why are these pitot tubes used, and why is this the only way they measure it. By all means i am not a aviation expert, but i have common sense, which says you should never relay on one measurement if you can do it in other ways as well.

So my questions to those smart aviation people out there; why is the speed of the plane not measured by GPS; those systems ARE in place, maybe not as accurate, but it would be entirely possible to read the speed of the aircraft in this way combined with other techniques this should be able to give pilots warnings a long time before it becomes a real issue.

By al means, if you feel you can explain this, please do.

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Didn’t want to write about this flu, but Mexico makes me wanting to write about it; as many started calling the flu the Mexican Flu (for the same reasons we have had the Asian flu and the famous Spanish flu) Mexico started to protest and wanted another name for the flu; they cried because the virus started in their country and feel sad the virus is now named after them. Well I got news for Mexico; threads and political talk does not bring you where you want as all dutch citizens will just call it the Mexican Flu of 2009; you can try to change the name (now officially called: ’Nieuwe Influenza A (H1N1)’ but we all will keep calling it the: Mexican Flu.

Mexican Flu 2009, Mexican Flu 2010 ,Mexican Flu 2011, Mexican Flu 2012,Mexican Flu 2013, Mexican Flu 2014,Mexican Flu 2015, Mexican Flu 2016.

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Here in the netherlands is Mothersday !


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This guy did put quite some work in making remixes of unrelated youtube movies; take your time and listen to these master pieces.

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I keep asking myself why service oriented organizations in Europe do not seem to be able to deliver the same quality as in some US based companies can be found. In Europe service levels are so bad it really makes me angry, most companies think it is okay to deliver a 24×7 service but not react for over 12 hours on your questions. Even though they would cost them not more as 5 minutes to solve.

Is it really that hard ? I know this is not true, it is possible, but why are they not delivering ? I have only one word for it incompetence ! yes, the majority of European service oriented companies are incompetent to deliver what they sell.

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According to our 3 years old: Replace the battery!

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its blinking..

its green


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Hoe gek kunnen we het maken in de wereld (het is echt niet alleen nederland waar dit gebeurd);

AMSTERDAM (AFN) – Michel Tilmant, die maandag opstapte als topman van bankverzekeraar ING, krijgt een vertrekpremie mee van 1,35 miljoen euro. Dat meldde een woordvoerder van ING maandag. Het is niet bekend hoeveel de Belgische topman opstrijkt met het verzilveren van aandelen en opties of andere bonussen.

Her in Nederland kan het dus; rijk worden door je werk niet goed te doen, even allemaal ophouden met zeuren, want als wij als gewone werknemer naar buiten worden getrapt krijgen we niet even een kado van 1,35 miljoen euro, we hebben geen opties of aandelen en krijgen al helemaal geen bonussen, deze man krijgt dus zowiezo al 1,35 miljoen euro kado en het eenige wat hij door voor heeft hoeven doen is zijn baan niet naar behoren uitvoeren. (Hoe verklaar je anders dat je 7000 man op straat moet zetten en de bank een injectie van de staat nodig heeft van miljarden.

Gaan we nu ING bashen, wel nee, gaan we deze man bashen, ook al niet persoonlijk, maar het moet eens afgelopen zijn met deze flauwekul, de gewone werknemer staat op straat maar deze man kan een feestje gaan bouwen voor de rest van zijn zielige leven.

Michel toon je zelf een man, en geef dat geld aan de 7000 man die je op straat hebt gezet. Kunnen ze tenminste nog een maandje boodschappen doen.

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