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What the X is this?

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I’ll miss you, after 15 years i needed to say
goodbye to you my friend, but we will meet
again … Please forgive me for the things I
could have done better, and remember me
for the things I did well.

Love you for Eternity

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In my search for free photo’s to use on my websites either personal or for business purpose, i look for cheap, if possible, even free photo’s. Sometimes i need to shoot them myself, but often you can find some good pictures at Yotophoto.

Yotophoto is a search engine for free-to-use stock photographs and images. These are images that are either in the Public Domain or released under generous Creative Commons, GNU FDL or similar licenses.

This makes Yotophoto a perfect platform for me to search the net, as they index the largest free photo websites for me, as they say:

We index various sources of free imagery on the web including Flickr, Wikipedia, Stock.Xchng, Morguefile, Pixelperfect Digital and OpenPhoto. We treat the sites we index as partners and respect the rights of the photographers whose images we index.

Browse directly to Yotophoto by clicking this link.

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Reading an article about Microsofts new idea to replace JPEG with a format of their own:

Microsoft has plans to introduce a new image format called Windows Media Photo in an attempt to replace the common JPEG image format. The software maker gave deatils on Wednesday at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, where Bill Crow, program manager for Windows Media Photo said- “One of the biggest reasons people upgrade their PCs is digital photos”

Now I want to say two things about this,

1) if Microsoft comes up with a format WMP (just for the ease of naming it this way) and is better as JPEG, i would be okay with it, as long they make it a free and open standard. No licesensing or any of that crap.

2) If the biggest reasons people upgrade their PC is because of digital photo’s I eat my hat, sorry, that one i can’t believe, they could just as well install linux on their old pc, and that would be just fine! If you talk about video-editing, that is another story.

An other question, might be, do I really need another format, at this moment my answer is NO, but who knows i change my mind if they make something great. (but I seriously doubt that). 

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