Reasons not to vote for Europe

While these are points which are discussed for a longer time, i want to write them down, just so i know, why i vote NO on anything which has to do with Europe.

1) US is allowed to request all out money transactions (yeah sure they say for terrorist investigations only, but guess that suddenly a lot of transactions are terrorist investigations), sorry i live in Europe not the US, why would the US need this for any reason ? As if China would give the US access to their banking system, i don’t think so!

2) US is allowed to blackmail Europe by the European union, again under disguise of terrorists the US is able to to request a lot of information of each passenger taking a flight from Europe to the USA. Worst part is the US threatened the European union they would not accept any flights from Europe anymore, now i for one would like to see that happening. And want to bet that such rule would be changed pretty fast for obvious reasons.

I know i do not live in Europe anymore, i do live in the United States of the World. But that doesn’t mean i like it.

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2 responses to “Reasons not to vote for Europe”

  1. Another reason did pop up for not voting for the EU :

    – Website bomb-making lessons to be outlawed across Europe

    quote: “Placing instructions on how to make a bomb on the internet will become a criminal offence across Europe under plans outlined by Brussels yesterday.

    Arguments about freedom of expression will not be allowed to stand in the way of criminalising the publication of bomb-making information that could be used by terrorists, a senior EU official said. ”

    While the idea is not new, this idiot ( Mr Frattini ) wants to make ISP’s responsible for what others (in different countries) place on their servers. He even did DARE to make a reference that is must be possible because CHINA is doing it. EXCUSE ME, I AM NOT LIVING IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY, and certainly do not desire The Netherlands to become one as part of this group calling themselves EUROPA!

  2. Yet another one, when does this stop ?

    – EU wants to make Digital photo camera’s a lot more expensive, as most of these cameras nowadays can also make cheap ass movies, they should be seen as camcorders which means an extra import charge of 12.5% should be added to the total sales prices.

    Besides its ridiculous that an import tax of 12.5% exists, making it harder for many people to compete with the worldwide economy we live in (how are you as professional able to compete with people who can buy the tools you need for a lot cheaper!) its ridiculous that this import tax should be added on digital photo-camera’s.

    Yet another reasons to vote NO against Europe which are clearly not there for the Europeans they think they serve.