No Muslims on board ?!?

The world goes down the drain, reading the following article makes my stomach goes round and round.

Unbelievable, these two man didn’t do anything wrong but just because they look suspicious they are denied on board. I believe all who left the plane should have been denied access again, and should have bought a new ticket. What is next ? Planes for Muslims, Planes for Catholics, Planes for Protestants. Really those people should be VERY ashamed. Maybe we should make that yellow star again ?? everyone forgot about that ?? Sickening!


One response to “No Muslims on board ?!?”

  1. Not only in the UK this kind of ridiculous things happen, also a plane en route to India from Amsterdam was returned to Schiphol airport yesterday. Making it more and more clear that if you would be a terrorist, you better shave your beard, and put local clothes on, because as soon you have a beard and put some traditional clothes on you will (if you are or not) be placed in the single braincell, some people have, and being recognized as terrorist.