Justice: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, has been a hot topic the past days, i did read many news articles about the issue, and to be honest i was skeptic about her for a long time. And still do feel she has more to hide as she is actualy admitting. Anyways, there is a chance she might loose her dutch indentity , which i think is a mild punishment. If atleast the whole ranting about her is true.

Why you may ask ? well, my opinion is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is lying even today, she says she did lie about her real indentity to get in the netherlands so she was safe for her brothers and father in case they wanted to do something bad to her, but why would anyone being afraid of this become a public political figure and show her face in any media program she can find. This doesnt make sense to me. What I even think is even more strange is how can someone get in to the dutch politics when we knew she was lying about her indentity, and which other political figures in the netherlands also didnt tell the truth. And who can i trust to rule the country i live in? If this is possible, then what is not ? My current trust in the dutch politics did go down with antoher 50% …. wonder when it goes up again..

3 responses to “Justice: Ayaan Hirsi Ali”

  1. The story continue’s, more and more people start to give comments on Verdonk, the minister with the intergration post. She is just following the rules we made by saying this lady didnt have the right to get a dutch nationality in the first place. Stop crying for god sakes, she did lie to get in the country, so she shouldnt have gotten the nationality in the first place. Rules are Rules, so why would those rules not count for anyone in the politics, are they above the other people in the country ? I am not pro VVD and certainly not PRO Verdonk (i do not agree on most of her issue’s) but i Praise her for following rules.

    Rules are made so we can follow them, and not because the fun of it.

    So get over it people, Ayaan needs to be deported back to her country where she came from just like any other refuge in our country which doesn’t follow the rules. No exceptions, unless you change the rules, this is where we work with.

  2. Oh dear, we continue the story, now the whole of the VVD thinks she got to get a new dutch passport if her old one isnt valid because of the lies she told to get it. WTF?!??! Illegal is Illegal, deport the lady back … no exceptions please, making an exception, is simply put: Corruption in the government.

  3. […] Hey thats a strong title ?!, yes it is, but then, some cowboys in our government today decided that it is okay to lie about your name (Ayaan Hirsi Ali), and a few other things, to get a dutch-nationality and become part of our politic system, or even become a politician, which makes me wonder which other politicians in our government are also lying about their status. […]