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Well, some might think there he is again, ranting against EURid, but then, they did ask for it. But now they ticked me off again, this time a simple domain name dispute. Someone did get the idea to register the name: with as his prior rights the words: Malay and Sia, first of all, how is it possible someone has the right on the word Malay as this is a common english word and therefore no rights should be able to bound to it, and second of all, the complete name is a countries name, yes you guessed it right: Malaysia. How can any european citizen be allowed to register this domain on its prior rights on those two words ?

Well for me it is impossible to start an official dispute, as we simply can not afford the costs for a domain we do not need to have, but this is not about what i want, this ranting is about justice, and this i can not find here. I can only hope the domain falls in good hands, but with the sneakyness this company did get to register this domain i doubt that. Guess i have to inform the malaysian embassy that someone is pulling this stunt, and hope they laugh and say, it is us .. no worries…

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